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How do I use react templates?

 How do I use react templates?

1. Introduction.

Designing a React Native application from scratch can be a very uncomfortable process, especially if we talk about design since it has to be planted for Android or IOS devices. Also, you must make sure that your application is in the best condition regardless of the size of the screen to look at.

This is where we come to the usefulness of templates. They manage that design, start for you, so that the app is seen in the best conditions and that they do not make any kind of effort for you. We have different types of templates within the stores and that should be used for all types of web pages.

So, we are going to use this tutorial to make a good web page for React Native.

2- Get a template from the store.

You can download the template at any store, although you will have to pay. But it is worth doing this investment since it will be better if we have a paid template than a free one. now you will have to configure the template and customize it to your liking. The characteristics of these React templates are the following:

- Full integration of WooCommerce: if you manage a website of this type, the application can show those products.

- Support for IOS and android: that is seen in this type of operative system.

- Social logins: customers will be able to log in with their social media accounts such as Facebook.

- Simple customization: broken down into components.

- Push Notifications: this alerts us that there is an update to the status of the specific order.

- Multilanguage support: the main language is English, but you can use the language you want.

- Secure payment integration: payments made by PayPal.

3- Project configuration.

When we have the template purchased, you will have the download link for the file, something that you will have to download.

You will open a new window and run the NPN Install command.

Thus, we will install everything that has to do with the project. Once we have done all this, there is an additional asp for the IOS operating system, you will now run pod install.

For android you must connect any device to the computer and execute the Ads Devices command, this will make all the available devices appear.

We will run the application on an Android device. React Native run-Android. For IOS, you will only have to change Android to IOS.

Now we'll have everything done.

4- Conclusion.

In conclusion, React templates are a good option so that any web page related to any business can function correctly and in the best possible conditions. There is a problem that is paid, it is true that to be able to get everything you must pay a considerable amount, but without a doubt, it is worth it, since you may have certain characteristics that the free ones lack. These features have to do with push notifications, which can work with two operating systems such as Android and IOS, along with the option of being able to customize everything to the maximum. you will also be able to work with several languages such as English in the first place or Vetnmina among other options.

FROM this way you can have everything correct on your website.

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Javascript runs before HTML even if at end of body

 My javascript is running before my HTML loads, even if I put it right before the like this:


Any ideas why that may be happening?

learn javascript

Functional switch statement in Javascript

Say I have a switch statement that takes a variable myData between 1 and some larger value, i.e. 300.

Depending on the "status code" variable, the result is the text value of another variable. For example, if myData == 1, I want to return the a variable called code1. If myData == 300, I want to return the a variable called code300. Code1 and code300 variables store unrelated strings, i.e. "This is a summary", or "This is a note". Some psuedo-code below:

var myData = statusCode;

var code1 = "This is a summary";

var code300 = "This is a note";

switch(myData) {

    case statusCode:

        scriptletResult = returnCode("code", statusCode); // code1 if myData == 1



        scriptletResult = code1;


function returnCode(code, statusCode) {

    return code + statusCode; // Returns a variable "code1" if statusCode == 1


How can I get this to work?

What is JavaScript?


What is JavaScript?

JavaScript may be a language of programming that's liable for providing more interactivity and dynamism to sites . When JavaScript runs within the browser, you don’t got to use a compiler. The browser reads the code directly, without the necessity for third parties. Therefore, it's recognized together of the three mother tongues of the online along side HTML (content and its structure) and CSS (content design and its structure).

Now, JavaScript isn't an equivalent as Java, which may be a very different programing language . The confusion comes from the name, registered by an equivalent company that created Java (Sun Microsystems). JavaScript (JS) was created later, and what the North American company did was simply change the name that its creators had given it when buying the project. The Java programing language has been focused on far more than simply the online since its inception.

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How do I use react templates?

 How do I use react templates? 1. Introduction. Designing a React Native application from scratch can be a very uncomfortable process, espec...